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Чтобы не забыть, ссылка на статью Джеффа Голдберга о кOне Брентe Скоукрофте BREAKING RANKS - советнике по национальной безопасности у Форда и Буша-старшего, об его отношениях с ученицей Кондолизой и отчаянной попытке в 2002 остановить придурка-младшего от войны публикацией статьи в WSJ Don't Attack Saddam
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К 2012 году 29 из 68 лауреатов Нобелевской премии по экономике (43%) были евреями, как и 63% от лауреатов медали Джона Бейтса Кларка.

При этом:
"As late as April, 1930, the institution which had the largest Jewish student body in the world had not a single Jewish professor. That institution was not the City College of New York which had in monumental sentimentality been called the internal “proletarian Harvard.” Rather it was the downtown Washington Square College of New York University, where 93% of the seven thousand students were Jews, 8% more than the City College. If all the departments were included in the enumeration, there were estimated to be more than fifteen thousand Jews at the downtown N.Y.U. – the world’s largest undergraduate body of Jews. Yet in the entire college, the writer for the Menorah Journal could find only 8 Jewish teachers of whom 7 were assistants not destined for promotion"
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Свои "кОмменты"... чтобы не потерять... Monetary Base Deficits and the Printing Press Read more )


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